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React Heartbeat

My first npm module! React heartbeat is a React component that will iteratively call a method at a specific time interval. The instructions to use this module are in the link above.

Pomodoro Timer: React Version Vue Version

This app is a timer for use with the Pomodoro Technique of time management. There are two versions of this app: one written using React, and another using Vue. They look identical, but are very different internally. This app alternates between a time of work and a short break, with an alarm between each session. The app uses a self-correcting timer component. I wrote a blog post describing how this component works. I published a React version of this timer component as an npm module called react-heartbeat. The React version of this project also uses a CSS-in-JS library called emotion.

JavaScript Calculator

A JavaScript calculator created with React.js. Designed to look like a real calculator sitting on your desk, this calculator features keyboard input, the ability to chain operations, error handling, the ability to handle very large or very small numbers, a second row that displays the equation you are working on, and the ability to follow correct mathematical order precedence. I used expect to test this project.

To Do Web App

Created with React.js. You can submit new tasks, mark tasks complete, delete individual tasks, or delete all tasks marked complete. With this app, you can display only active tasks, completed tasks, or all tasks. It also displays the number of tasks for each category.

Twitch TV Viewer

Displays the status of 8 Twitch channels. Combines two API calls into one JavaScript object to build the HTML to display Twitch channel information. Features a search box to filter the channels by name, and three filter switches to display all channels, online channels, or offline channels. Uses jQuery to make API calls, animate the page, and navigate the DOM.

Wikipedia Viewer

Using the Wikipedia API, displays search results that link to Wikipedia articles as text is entered in a search box. Makes extensive use of the CSS transition property to smoothly animate changes. API calls for this web page made using jQuery.

Local Weather Viewer

Using the browser geolocation API, this web page retrieves weather information via an API call to Clicking on the temperature will alternate between fahrenheit and centigrade. I used Google Fonts to get the font, Montserrat. The API call is made using vanilla JavaScript.

Personal Portfolio

I built this project as an assignment for freeCodeCamp. The goal of this assignment was to create a personal portfolio web page. It was designed to be a one page website, where all of the content could be navigated by scrolling or clicking links in the navigation bar at the top. Designed to resize to be viewable on any sized device, the site uses flexbox to layout the home, about and contact sections and CSS grid to layout the portfolio section, which provides access to several other of my projects, and access to my social media content. This project uses HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap 3.

Product Landing Page

I created a demo product landing page using just HTML and CSS. I decided not to use Bootstrap in this assignment. The navigation bar uses flexbox. I have a blog post here about how I used flexbox and a media query to get the navigation bar to break into two rows at the right place on smaller screens. This webpage features an embedded YouTube video. Here is a blog post describing how I found a simple way to get the video to resize appropriately for smaller screens. You can navigate this web page by scrolling or by clicking the links in the header. The form at the bottom for submitting your email does not do anything at this point but sends you to the assignment page for this project at

Random Quote Generator

The Random Quote Generator web page uses an API call to get a quote to display. Clicking the new quote button will get another quote to display. Clicking the Twitter button will allow you to tweet the quote. The colors of the web page randomly change each time the quote changes including when the page loads. I used Font Awesome for the “quote” and Twitter icons and grabbed the font, Montserrat, from Google Fonts. The API call is made using vanilla JavaScript.

Survey Form

This assignment is an exercise in using HTML form elements. Using only HTML and CSS, this web page features input fields, drop down options fields, radio boxes, check boxes, and a text area. All form elements are labeled and the input fields have placeholder text to help describe the purpose of the field. The input fields use HTML5 validation. The submit button just clears the form if all the validation tests are passed.

Technical Documentation Page

This project is a web page with documentation for JavaScript. It features a main section that contains the documentation and a navigation section. On large screens the navigation section is on the left. On smaller screens it is at the top of the page.

Tribute Page

This web page is a tribute page for Samuel Morse. It includes images, text, and links to external websites. This project was created with HTML and Bootstrap 3. The web page is designed to be responsive to the size of the screen. The images will resize and change their position depending on the screen size. I used the Bootstrap grid to create whitespace around the paragraphs on larger screens, and also created a carousel using Bootstrap. There is only one line of CSS to give the web page a top margin.


US Army, Warren MI — Information System Security Manager

2008 - 2017

Managed the security profiles of US Army tactical and business systems to ensure that they were certified to meet Department of Defense security requirements. Worked with System Owners, Developers, System Administrators, and Engineers to ensure that proper technical and administrative security controls were in place for US Army systems, and that these controls were understood and properly implemented by personnel responsible for these systems.

  • Developed strategy to integrate hundreds of industrial control systems into a single network to meet mission requirements while also meeting Army information assurance requirements.
  • Guided programs through development, production, deployment and sustainment.
  • Developed information assurance strategies for tactical and business systems that addressed budget, information assurance risks, technical, procedural and personnel requirements, testing, scheduling, and deficiencies.
  • Used web based tools to track status and guide military systems through Department of Defense information assurance processes.
  • Analyzed systems to identify critical components to ensure information assurance controls were properly focused.
  • Developed contract language to ensure contractor compliance with information assurance requirements.
  • Developed plans to address identified information assurance weaknesses that included budget, personnel responsible and timeline of specific steps to correct weaknesses.
  • Conducted meetings with program management, system engineers, and government contractors to provide information assurance guidance and assist in understanding how information assurance requirements applied to specific programs.
  • Conducted self-validation of programs information assurance controls and developed plans to address identified weaknesses.
  • Provided information assurance assessment services for Army systems throughout the United States.
  • Lead assessor for two systems, member of the assessment team for over 20 systems.
  • Provided estimates for customers of cost and timeline of information assurance assessments.
  • Action Officer for the Agent of the Certification Authority office: handled office communication with new customers, assigned projects to team members and ensured customers requirements were promptly addressed.
  • Developed and maintained SharePoint site used to manage and track projects.
  • Developed templates used by the team to respond to customer requests.

Perot Systems, Warren MI — Information System Security Manager

2007 - 2007

Same as above US Army position. I worked for 9 months in this position as a government contractor. This position was then made a government position for which I was hired.


Front-End Developer Training

Since June of 2017 I have been aggressively studying to become a front-end developer with the goal to become a full-stack developer. Using resources such as freeCodeCamp, Codecademy, Code School (now Pluralsight), and Mozilla Developer Network, I have been studying and developing front-end projects full-time. Recently, I have also started blogging.

University of Toledo — Master of Business Administration

GPA 3.67 / 4.00

Concentration in Information Systems and Operations Management


  • Systems Analysis and Design
  • Class project - created a mock up of a system interface based on system requirements. Then produced pseudocode that could be used to develop the final system.

  • Database Design
  • Class project- created a database using Microsoft Access to track contributions for a non-profit organization. I Designed and normalized the tables, and created SQL queries to import data from an existing source. I also created queries for reports and forms.

  • Management Information Systems

University of Toledo — Bachelor’s Degree, General Studies

GPA 3.00 / 4.00

Areas of Study: Business, Electrical Engineering, Music